Galeria Ślad [Trace Gallery], Teatr 77 [Theatre 77], Łódź,

The performance was delivered in a theatre hall. On a large floor area there was a glass cube 50 x 50 x 50cm. Around it, on intersecting axes the artist put four screens made by him out of wood, and on the screens he placed some pieces of paper reading: “personalisation” opposite “socialism” and “philosophy” opposite “history”. Under each screen there was a tool used for beating, which symbolically referred to the concept written on the paper: a police truncheon, a rubber cable, a rope and a leather belt. The performer read texts while kneeling in front of the screens and hit himself with the props, one at a time. The artist’s voice changed because of the pain. Having read all the texts, he drank some water and urinated into the same glass. What missed the glass was wiped up by him with his own shirt, which he then put on again.

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