5 Sculptures

Projects UK, Newcastle, Great Britain,
1 October 1988

Beginning the performance, Warpechowski stated that England is a cradle of sculpture and sculptors. Then he offered to present his sculptural ideas to the public. Using drawings and props, the artist put forward the following options:
1) Stone on a stone – a sign, a signal of the presence of Homo sapiens, a message, but also the simplest work of art.
2) Form of “pure usefulness” – that is, liberation of the interior of a jug (by smashing it).
3) Grains of sand – as sculptures.
4) Dark space in the artist’s closed hands + demonstration of the form (solid) with a plaster cast.
5) Description of the space by Warpechowski’s singing. In this way, the blind can “see” the shape and size of the interior in which they stay.
During the last part of the action, the artist climbed a ladder and sang to the corners of the room under the ceiling.

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