Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych [Bureau of Art Exhibitions], Lublin,

The action was a direct reaction to the disruption of Warpechowski’s performance entitled “March” caused by members of the audience. In the big room of the Lublin Bureau of Art Exhibitions, at the artist’s request, a box measuring 2x2 metres was built. Next to the entrance, the artist hung two axes, a hammer and a plate reading:

“’you son of a bitch, if I meet you on the street, I will kill you...!’
thus a local punk told me on 26 May 1983
in the very same place
preventing my parrot and me from
finishing the performance.

so go ahead and kill...”

During the performance, the artist sat on a chair in the box with his back to the public.

Photograph by Zygmunt Rytka

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