Der Sand + Stagnation

Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne, Germany,

The artist sat with his back to the public, facing the corner of the room. He started to improvise a song, which comprised indefinable sounds, at the same time repeatedly turning his head first to the right and then to the left. In this way, the sound was expected to describe the space. The volume of the song gradually increased until it was a loud noise.
In the second part of the show the performer sat at a table on which there was scattered sand, and put on glasses covered with paper. He started to sift the sand, blow it around and mix it. Finally, the artist chose two grains, which he showed to the public, rubbing one finger against another. Then he threw them in different directions: either towards a triangle or a circle drawn on the floor.
The last part started with turning off the light, followed by Warpechowski's carrying out the action of “keeping darkness” in his hands once again, which lasted 10 minutes. A plaster cast of the inside of his hand was created.

The performances in Cologne consisted of three parts, although the title mentioned only two, which drew on the actions carried out previously by the artist, namely “Sand” at the Krzysztofory Gallery (1984) and “10 Minutes” in 1973, repeated later on several occasions. The describing of the space with sound was also done afterwards, for example in the “Five Sculptures” action in 1988.
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