Justice of Stones

Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko,
7 October 1989

The performance was held in the smithy of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, which normally serves as a workshop for artists. During the action, its interior was filled with incense smoke. The artist wore a red dressing gown, used in the series of his performances "Champion of Golgotha".
With the tools available in the smithy, such as a hearth, anvil and pneumatic drill, Warpechowski made a steel sword, whose elements had been provisionally forged before. The sounds produced by the tools provided a kind of a soundtrack for the action.
The performer made a sign of lines with the new, still white-hot sword. Then he took a beam scale, which he had forged before, and placed two stones, of a similar size, on it, saying, Each stone carries justice and injustice in it, but there are stones more fair and more unfair. Let me dedicate this performance to Polish sculptors.
The “Justices of Stones” performance was a kind of commentary on the place of sculpture, especially monumental, in the propaganda apparatus of the authorities of the Polish People’s Republic, and the way of choosing artists to create these works.