Nothing + Nothing + Nothing + Nothing

Lubelska Wiosna Teatralna [Lublin Theatre Spring], Warsaw, Lublin,
spring 1973

In this performance Warpechowski addressed the notion of “Nothing” once again, referring to the category of noumenon , the thing-in-itself, introduced by Immanuel Kant.
The action consisted of four parts:
- First Nothing: Małgorzata Dłużniewska cut the artist’s hair on his head in the shape of the word “NIC” [NOTHING].
- Second Nothing: the locks which were cut corresponded to the letters N, I, C [N, O, T ,H, I, N, G]
- Third Nothing: Warpechowski used his cut-off locks to form the word “NIC” [NOTHING] on the board
- Fourth Nothing: the artist set fire to these locks.

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