Plot – Polo

Centre for Creative Work, Biała Podlaska,
8 November 1996

The floor was covered with a thin layer of soil, which formed a “plot” measuring 2.5 x 3.5 metres.
The artist approached it and started to play a clay bird whistle filled with water and the flute alternately. He raked the soil with his fingers, trod it down, “cultivated” it with stones pulled on a string, toy cars and other “tools”. Then he sprinkled the plot with water from a seashell and sowed corn from a shawl hanging over his shoulder. Next, Warpechowski scattered crow’s feathers on it. Afterwards, he knelt down and said a prayer three times. He walked among the public with a loaf of bread, which he cut, and laid the slices on the “plot”. Then he disappeared into a back room, where cuttings from pornographic newspapers were glued to his back, and came back. In the darkness, a tape recorder with disco-polo, and a floodlight were switched on, while the performer danced.

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