The Short Electrical Love Story

De Appel Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Work & Words Festival 1979

When Warpechowski performed The Short Electrical Love Story for the first time, it was the same year, during an outdoor event in Świeszyn. The Work and Words Festival was, on the other hand, a sizable venture, presenting artists from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia in Amsterdam.
The performance took place in a former prison chapel. The artist held three burning light bulbs with long cables, which, when moved by him, drew light lines and circles in the dark room. Then he started making friction movements until the lightbulbs stopped burning. There was only one left, which was hanging from the ceiling, right above the ground. The artist put it in motion and stood between the lightbulb and the wall in such a way that his big shadow looked like a “dangling” hanged man. When the pendulum stopped, he smashed the last lightbulb.

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