Rozmiar czcionki:


Sweet Warpechowski

Galeria Art Forum [Art Forum Gallery], Łódź,

The action inaugurated the activity of the Art Forum Gallery and provided an opportunity to see Warpechowski as the “Champion of Golgotha” once again.
The phrase “SWEET WARPECHOWSKI” was written on the wall, and sweets were scattered on the floor. The performer, “hanging” on a metal cross, talked in a manner which combined self-advertisement with the stylisation on Muhammad Ali.
Next to him, on a rack, stood a black box, prepared by the artist, with golden letters reading “Champion of Golgotha”. It was filled to the brim with sweet liquid, designed to resemble chocolate in taste and flavour. You could also find plastic mugs nearby, while the liquid was potable. Warpechowski, wearing the “Champion’s” cap and swimming trunks, went for a dip inside the box, so that the “chocolate” slowly overflowed the container into a special tube, spilling all over the floor. Nobody decided to taste it.

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